To begin, install the Shopify Flow App if you haven't already. (To note, you must be on Shopify Plus). 

The enable Shopify Flow in the Enquire app, click "Integrations", find Shopify Flow, and click "Enable". Once enabled, we send a payload [survey response data] to Shopify Flow whenever someone submits a survey response. 

After you've enabled Shopify Flow in the Enquire App, open the Shopify Flow app found on your apps page and click "Create Workflow". Click "Select trigger" and scroll until you see "New Survey Response".

On the following screen, select "Select Action" and choose your desired action in the right hand column. In this example we'll add survey responses as order tags.

On the following screen select "Add Template Variable" and select "Response". 

Once it's added to the input field, make sure to push enter. (You can also enter {{trigger.response}} and press enter).

Next, click "Save" and then toggle the switch to enable your work flow. 

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