Follow the below steps to setup for Enquire post-purchase survey on your Carthook order confirmation page.

1. Enable the CartHook integration

In your Integrations tab, select connect to access your Enquire survey script. To note, you'll need to be on the Enquire Pro plan to enable this integration.

2. Copy your Enquire installation code

After you enable your CartHook integration, you'll be presented with your installation code. Copy this code. You'll need it for step 3.

3. Paste Enquire installation code into CartHook Global Code

To access the Global Code page in your CartHook account, click the menu button on the top right and then "Global Scripts".

On the Global Code page, scroll down until you find the "Thank You page scripts" section and paste the Enquire installation code into the input box.

If you have multiple scripts in this section you'll need to edit our script due to how CartHook processes their Global Scripts. Use the below script and copy and paste the url from your script in line 3. More information in CartHook's docs here.

let script = document.createElement('script'); 
script.type = 'text/javascript';

script.onload = function() {}

4. Add survey script to thank-you page

If you're using CartHook's default confirmation page, this step may not be needed.

In your CartHook account, head to Funnels and click the funnel your looking to add your Enquire post-purchase survey on. Next, click "Thank You Page" then "Edit Page".

On the following page, click </> to access the HTML of your confirmation page.

Insert the below code after line 8.

<div data-ch-type="text" data-post-purchase-survey></div>

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