Response Clarification is available to customers on our Pro ($60/month) or Pro Enhanced ($100/month) plans and is currently in beta. This feature allows you to ask specific follow up questions after each response. We support both multiple choice and open-ended follow-up questions.

By asking specific follow-up questions, you can extract more granular insights from your customers. For example, if a customer selects "influencer" you can then ask which one. If the customer submits a response to the first question and doesn't submit a response to the second, we still collect the first response.

Here is a quick video of the customer experience.

Setting Up Response Clarification

To get started, locate the survey you'd like to add response clarification to and click "Edit". If enabled, you'll see "Add a Multiple Choice or Open-Ended follow up question".

From here, you can add a Multiple Choice or Open-ended follow up. If adding a multiple choice clarification question, we require a minimum of two placeholder responses.

Open-ended follow-ups allow you to add a catch-all input box. This is incredibly useful if you currently work with a large number of influencers or podcasts and don't want to overwhelm your customers with a long list of choices.


It's important to note this feature is in beta. If enabled, all answers will be grouped together in your analytics dashboard. We're currently working on a larger analytics overhaul.

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